Natural Mosquito Experts

Enjoy your patio, lawn, or garden without worrying about the safety of your children or pets with Mosquito Magician, our natural and nontoxic mosquito repellent. Mosquito Magician is a cutting-edge, natural pest control product that has been laboratory tested and is proven to be extremely effective at both killing and repelling mosquitoes.

Using essential oils for mosquito repellent is not new. People have been using individual oils like garlic and citronella for thousands of years to naturally combat mosquitoes. What’s new is our unique blend of 6 separate essential oils that each have repellent properties and together create a potent recipe.


How it works

Our natural mosquito-control product gets rid of mosquitoes in three ways:

Kills adult mosquitos on contact

Suffocates mosquito larvae in standing water (where they breed)

Repels mosquitoes away from your property for up to 2 weeks